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Our History

Once upon a time, there was a brave military veteran who had served his country with honor and distinction, but like many veterans, he came home with chronic pain and had continuous surgeries due to his service. This veteran had tried everything to manage his pain, from prescription medications to physical therapy, but nothing seemed to work. He had a dream of helping other veterans like himself who were struggling with chronic pain and the adverse side effects of traditional pain management methods and had seen enough suffering in his lifetime. But instead, he had watched his fellow warriors suffer from pain, seek unhealthy ways to cope and, in some cases, die by suicide. This veteran had had enough and was determined to do something to help. One day, he heard about the potential benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) for pain management. He did tons of research and found that CBD topical ointments could provide pain relief without the adverse side effects of prescription medications and the risk of addiction associated with opiates. Being a veteran and determined to make his dream a reality, he used his experience and knowledge to start his own business to make and sell CBD topical ointments for veterans with chronic pain.  In addition, he reached out to other veterans and began to learn about their experiences with pain management.  He also studied scientists and doctors and tried a wide array of products to develop a line of safe, effective, and superior CBD topical products to help all people suffering, disabled, or seeking a natural approach to pain management.  He took his time and ensured that only the highest quality materials were used to ensure his products were reliable, safe, and effective.  He was passionate about his work, and soon enough, the word of his business had spread. People from all walks of life began to try his products and use them to manage their pain and suffering in natural and healthy ways.  He was becoming successful in his venture, even more so when his products gained recognition from medical professionals and organizations.  His products weren't just for managing the pain but for helping people in any way he could. He was proud of his work and ability to make a difference for those who needed it most.Through his business, he is able to help countless people. The veteran knew he had made the right decision and was proud of himself for using his knowledge and experience to create something that could help others.  He had made a difference and changed lives; nothing could make him happier, and his mission continues.

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